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Yvonne Craig played Marta on
Star Trek The Original Series in
Episode 71 "Whom Gods
Destroy".  I got to meet her at
Dragon*Con 06.  Unfortunately I
was unable to see her at a
panel... but I did stop by her
table and got this picture as well
as one with her as BatGirl... Too
Cool!  As was Yvonne, too cool.
 She loves her adoring fans, and
we love her.  Thanks for all the
years of entertainment Yvonne!
Played by Yvonne Craig
Episode: TOS 071 - Whom Gods Destroy

A delusional, seductive, Orion Slave Girl that Bluebeard imprisoned in Elba II's penal institution.
Here, Marta met Garth and was Garth's queen, until he blew her to bits by demonstrating a new