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The man they call Jayne
He robbed from the rich and he gave to the poor
Stood up to the Man and he gave him what for
Our love for him now ain't hard to explain
The Hero of Canton, the man the call Jayne"

If you don't know this by heart, you are missing out on an awesome Sci-Fi /
Western show named "FireFly" and now a major motion picture called
"Serenity".  From the incredible mind of Joss Whedon (aka Buffy creator)
comes the tale of the ship named Serenity.  If you don't have the DVDs to
the show ... go... go now and buy them.  They are awesome to watch over
and over and over again!  I'm not kidding.   Adam Baldwin is the man they
call Jayne Cobb.  What a remarkable man he is... and Sexy too <VBG>.  
I've met him a couple of times now, and each time he is all too eager to
please the audience and can blush along with Nathan and the rest of the crew
of Serenity... lol - you just had to be there when the 1000 strong group of
Dragon*Con goers sang the song "The hero of canton" and welcomed Adam
to Jaynestown ... GA... lol.