Neal Boortz is one of my favorite Talk Show Hosts.  While I don't
agree with him 100%, and yes from time to time he makes me
stop and think, I believe he, and John Linder, has hit upon
something good with the Fair Tax.  Please take a moment to pick
up this book and read it (quick, easy read) and decide for
yourself if America is ready for a change.
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Hundreds of people turned out for a book signing last year (2005).  Sean and I were #151 and #152  in
line and we were there 2 hours before the signing was gonna happen.  In a recent Fair Tax Rally held
at a local arena over 6,000 people were in attendence and many more were turned away.
WTG Neal and John.
For more information about the fair tax,
please go to:

Thank you.